Salman Khan comes to Katrina’s Rescue

Recently when the Bang Bang girl faced a twisted issue with Cine Costume And Make Up Artists Association in Film City during a shoot and she reached out to the ex lover Salman Khan rather than her current beau Ranbir Kapoor. Apparently, the association opposed to the leggy diva Katrina working with artist Daniel Bauer, a well known international makeup. Katrina who was stuck by her makeup atist, sought Salman’s intervention. With Ranbir Kapoor caught up in France shooting for with Deepika Padukone for his upcoming film, there wasn’t much that this boyfriend could do to help his damsel in distress back in Mumbai.

Katrina will now be seen in Siddharth Anand’s next, ‘Bang Bang’ which is decking out for its worldwide release on October 2 and guess what, the most awaited first teaser of the movie is finally out and its breath taking. It’s a Total whistle blowing juncture. And did we add his superbly toned muscular body, which is bang on for a movie like this which loads action, big guns and a gorgeous girl. Talking about the gorgeous girl, Katrina Kaif just needs somebody dashing like Hrithik Roshan which immensely compliments her good looks. The chemistry between the two is hot and steamy. The teaser of the film Bang Bang is of 58 seconds as mentioned on the Central Board of Film Certification and you can’t get enough of it…its tempting and makes you crave for more. So the first glimpse of Hrithik’s Bang Bang, with its psychedelic and astonishing Freudian innuendo, has already got our minds hooked to the movie. Bang Bang is an action, romance thriller film by Siddharth Raj Anand. The film casts Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif in lead roles. This film is being produced by Fox Star Studios and it is an official remake of the Knight and Day starring Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz film. It is the first ever Bollywood movie to be co-produced and shot in Abu Dhabi. Unique and impressive water action scenes were filmed in Thailand and continued to be shot in Greece. The cast includes Hritik Roshan, Katrina Kaif, Danny Denzongpa as Omar, Jaaved Jaffrey as Hamid Gul, Anteo Quintavalle as Henchman, Ron Smoorenburg as Henchman, Arsha Aghdasi as Goon, Préity Üupala as Dancer, Amir Badri as Goon, Parth Akerkar as Robert, and Pawan Malhotra as Zorawar.

Katrina Kaif’s sexy long legs have a crucial role to play in the movie, no we talking about seduction or dance. In the first crucial ten seconds, when Hritik is shown taking a junket of the city’s rooftops and cars are being trashed and blown up, there’s an evanescent shot of Katrina’s legs. If that’s not what we think it is and a finger directing to a big role to happen, then we don’t know what is. Bang Bang is for the desi crowd car recluse. Several and marvelously ravishing cars are rushed around crazily and eventually maniacally blown up into pieces. Rohit Shetty’s style and legacy of filmy annihilation just got another counter signature. The movie looks more or less like an official remake of the Hollywood film Knight and Day starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Dias.

Grenade Attack On Salman Khan’s ‘Kick’ Screening In Pakistan Theatre


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Salman Khan’s latest release, Kick has been performing excellently worldwide. Also the film was doing extremely well in Pakistan too. But a shocking incident yesterday, left the audiences in Capri cinema run helter skelter after two men threw hand grenades at the cinema hall, while Kick’s screening was on.

Salman Khan in a still from movie 'Kick'Salman Khan in a still from movie ‘Kick’

The unidentified men threw hand grenades at the entrance of the cinema hall and fled the scene. With the festive season of Eid on, the cinema halls were buzzing with people and thus, the movie was going housefull in Pakistan. U fortunately, this incident left two people injured.

Investigations have revealed that the attackers only hinted to damage the property and spread fear. Previously too, incidents of such violence have taken place, protesters had tried to burn down two other cinema halls on the Jinnah road, apparently due to their anti-Islam nature.

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Raj Kundra tweets about Salman Khan, mocks him


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Bollywood is like a battle ground where actors and actresses use their twitter, facebook and Instagram accounts to take a dig at other actors or let’s say rival actors. Recently Rajkundra husband of the smoking hot Shilpa Shetty went on record to say that he earns way more than Salman Khan during an interview. “I don’t see any fun in being like him. I can bet Salman doesn’t earn that much…well, at least nowhere near me,” had said Kundra. The tweet was later deleted.

As soon as the interview went public, Salman fans used the same medium twitter to slam Raj Kundra. The businessman in return posted a few tweets. One of them, taking a dig at Salman’s latest release Kick read, “To all haters….all I have to say is when u do charity u don’t need to talk about it. What I do when I do is none of your business. ” However he later deleted this post. Today morning he posted another tweet claiming that the interview has been tweaked. Manipulated or not this is not the first time Bollywood is witnessing such cold wars.

Kick Movie Latest Poster

Salman Khan on the contrary is busy with the promotions of his upcoming movie Kick. Kick is a 2014 Hindi action thriller film, directed and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. It stars Salman Khan in the lead role, while Jacqueline Fernandez, Randeep Hooda, Nawazuddin Siddiqui also appear sharing the screen with sallu bhai in supporting roles. It is a remake of the Telugu film of the same name, and the screenplay was adapted by Nadiadwala and Chetan Bhagat. Shaina (Jaqueline Fernandez) is a Psychiatrist living in Poland. Her father brings a marriage proposal and asks her to meet Himanshu (Randeep Hooda). Himanshu and Shaina meet in a train were Shaina reveals about her ex-boyfriend, Devi Lal (Salman Khan). Shaina then starts to tell her experience with him and how they used to spend their time together. So practically it is a quintessential Hindi Movie.Salman has also been in the news for his increasing age and is lack of interest to get married. After dating Katrina Kaif for quite sometime he moved on to dating a Poland based model and now reportedly he is seeing Jacqueline Fernandes. The two were getting very touchy on music launch of the Movie. One of Bollywood’s most eligible bachelors, Salman Khan has admitted having a lady love in his life – his ‘Kick’ co-star Jacqueline Fernandez. Recently, the superstar jokingly gave her his surname Khan, and made her go red when he revealed his admiration for her.

While this is the first movie that two are doing together, they seem to have hit it off really well. They made a joint appearance to promote their film Kick on Zee TV’s India’s Best Cinestars Ki Khoj. Hats off Salman amidst all these controversies you still find time for love. We all hope you find your soulmate and ring the wedding bells soon.

Kick opens to unfavourable reviews, but thunderous box office response


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Salman Khan’s latest release film Kick has hit the box office like a raving tsunami. The film opened out to many packed cramped houses on Friday morning. We all know about Salman Khan’s fan club which compromises almost half the population of the country. His fans eagerly waited for this flick which promised starring Salman Khan in a unique role shading him as a devil. Kick has set a roaring hustle bustle at the ticket windows.

As expected, the film Kick achieved to break the box office records. Firstly, the movie was released on around 4400 theatre screens in India alone. The morning shows itself at many centers opened to be houseful and at other places the availability ranged from 60 percent to 80 percent, almost houseful. This is a preternatural and ravishing start, and taking into account the wide release of the film, Kick is going to become the biggest and a whooping opener of the year 2014. Not to mention that the film Kick has come out on a non-holiday and has already smashed the theatres in the run up to the festival Eid-ul-Fitr. The start release of this film in the domestic market was remarkable, despite that the film has released in the holy month of Ramadan which is pre-Eid days.

Not only in India but the film Kick has marked a history all around the globe Including countries India, USA, Pakistan, Srilanka and UAE. The actor Salman Khan known to do things the big size has released his film Kick on more than 5000 big Sliver Screens. Bollywood’s famous critics have claimed that in India itself, the total first day collection of the film Kick is more than 35 corers and some have even claimed that movie has collection 38 Corers on its 1st day. The exact figure of the total 1st day box office of the movie kick is still ambiguous and will be made clear on Monday.

The movie stars Salman Khan as Devi Lal who is is an adventurous lad, always looking for a kick or untamed adventure in life. Due to his daredevil and daring attitude, he could not stay in one job or place for long and has resigned from almost 32 companies as he feels that the kick element is missing. Shaina played by Jacqueline Fernandes first meets Devi when she was trying to help one of her friend to run away with her lover to get married. But Shaina develops an instant hatred towards Devi, because of his “kick” and reckless attitude. But when she realizes that Devi is good hearted person, she starts to fall for him. The movie Kick is a 2014 Hindi an action, drama thriller film, directed and produced by none other than Sajid Nadiadwala under the Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment banner. The movie stars Salman Khan in the lead role, while Jacqueline Fernandez, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Randeep Hooda appear in supporting roles. It is a remake of the Tollywood Telugu film of the same name, and the screenplay was adapted by Chetan Bhagat and Nadiadwala. According to the director Sajid Nadiadwala Salman Kjan’s movie Kick is just a 10 percent adaptation from the South Indian version of Kick.

Exclusive – Salman Khan is indeed returning to host the 8th season of Bigg Boss



Salman Khan In Big Boss 8

Reality shows on television are not far away from Bollywood as they have B-Town super stars connected to it. The reality show Bigg Boss is coming up with its next season soon. There has been a lot of speculation revolving this and controversies were spun even before the show could begin. Many fans of this show and the tabloids were highly speculating Salman’s exit from this show as a host. We have seen Salman Khan host a couple of seasons of this show and we know for a fact that he has been the most vivacious host on the Indian version of this reality series so far.

Salman was known for his own unique style of interacting with the house mates and engaging the audience like no other host could. With confidence, he carried the show forward week after week. The previous season of this show saw Sallu get into a tiff with the producers of the show and the channel. This gave rise to rumours that Sallu would no more be a part of Bigg Boss Season 8. Reports reveal that Salman has finally agreed to host the next season of the show that is scheduled to hit television screens in August.

Confirming these reports a trusted source reveals that, “Despite his busy schedule, Salman has agreed to return as the host of Bigg Boss and has signed on the dotted line recently. He has adjusted his dates and it won’t be a problem. His fans wanted him to return to the show and therefore, he decided to take it up because he has never disappointed his legion of fans, nor will he in the future.” We must say Salman has his way of charming his fans will never fail to do so. This talented actor has the charisma and personality to take up any challenge he may have to face.

Earlier there were speculations that Shahrukh Khan would be roped in to host the show. These speculations were arisen on account of his presence at one of the colors channel functions. Salman seemed to be missing at this occasion and this got the tabloids guessing and assuming. In an interview Salman also commented saying that if he were to exit the show, Shahrukh Khan would be the next best choice for hosting the show. This gave fuel to speculations and had many believing Salman’s final exit. However, now that the news is confirmed that Salman will very much be a part of the next season, we can’t wait for it to begin and see which faces will be a part of this show that has many hooked on to it. A show so entertaining, it has people entertained even before it can begin. Though the theme and concept for the next season is unknown, we’re sure that the television audiences will be in for a surprise. We are yet to see whether Salman still has the same chemistry he had with the contestants from last season or if he chooses to tone it down.

Salman Khan is Bollywood’s Rajinikanth



Thailava! If Rajinikanth’s reference in the song lungi dance was not enough, Salman Khan has earned the name of Bollywood’s Rajinikanth. Rajinikant’s fan following is so massive, people down south literally worship him. There are also many temples dedicated to this superstar of South. Salman Khan once said that it would be privilege to have that kind of fan following. One of the South Indian comedian, once said that Salman Khan is Bollywood’s Rajinikanth.

Salman Khan and Rajinikanth

Given the massive fan, following Salman Khan has and the hoopla he generates among the masses, his popularity is equivalent to the Southern super stars popularity. Most of the recent Salman Khan movies like Dabaang and its sequel, Jai Ho, and upcoming Salman Khan Movie Kick. Salman Khan’s deep affinity with South Indian films, and making remakes of south Indian blockbusters has probably earned him this name.

Most of the Salman Khan movies have crossed 100 crores of collection. His movies have a mass appeal, and he has been giving the biggest hits every year. Every movie be it Bodyguard, every movie of Salman Khan is incomplete without his stunts. He is a action hero just like Rajinikanth. Though Rajinikant has made his mark in the 80’s in Bollywood, his success has reached its peak only down south. As a person, both, Salman Khan and Rajinikanth are simple human beings. They both relate to all lives of a common person and share their thoughts on the same.

Though there are many jokes on this superstar, looks like no one like to fool around the hot headed, Salman Khan who is always ready with a counter reply. Though there are many parallels drawn between the two superstars, Salman Khan has a very different strategy and approach towards his work and life. None of his works need introduction. He is a genre in himself just like Rajinikanth.

Like Rajinikanth, Salman Khan is known to be a mentor and give a helping hand to many struggling actors and newcomers. Be it designers like Vikram Phadnis, or star kids like Sonakshi Sinha, Salman Khan is the real Bhai of Bollywood. A man with a golden heart and a mind of his own, uninfluenced by anything at all.

Rajinikanth and Salman Khan are an epitome of generosity, this is something everyone already knows and most of them, those lucky ones, have experienced his generosity. Rajinikanth and Salman Khan have created their own unique style of acting and public persona. Both the actors have deep humanitarian instincts. Charity is their number one attribute that has come a long way. The fans love them both as they connect well with the masses and generate mirth. Their entertaining ability is untouched. Though Bollywood has many clans who have their own empire, Salman Khan still stands out as the fearless, outspoken actor, whose straightforward approach is adored by many.

Being Human is one of his well-known charitable organisations that help the underprivileged. Rajnikanth also participates and gets involved in many charitable events that are working towards the problems of a common man.

Salman Khan says: I am a bad singer, but I sing


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Salman Khan is one of the stars in the Khan clan who does his own thing and generates hype. He has a mind of his own and most of his movies have a stamp of his style. Much hype is already generated bout his latest upcoming Bollywood Movie Kick. First, it was the song, Jumme Ki Raat, second it was his look in the movie, third, his look in the title song, Devil, and now it is his singing debut in the song Hangover. When asked, he said that, he is a bad singer but he can sing.

Except for the lyrics, this song is good enough; especially Salman Khan’s voice comes as a melodious surprise. Contrary to his image of being an action hero, Salman Khan has always dabbled in art in the form of painting and now its singing. He is still adventurous at heart. A star with a never say die attitude, he is always rising his bar and stepping into new dimensions, with every movie.

Kick Movie Latest Poster

Salman Khan has a mass appeal. However, whatever he does is a genre of its own. He is neither tainted by the media’s opinions nor does he seem to care about anything else. Kick’s new song with Jacqueline Fernandez in Salman Khan’s golden voice is better than the title song, Devil. Salman Khan seems to be in love with the script of this movie. He has tried many new things with this movie. This serial Casanova, who has broken hearts of many, has also generated such reverence about him.

Salman Khan says he loves singing, though he cannot sing. He says he sings when he feels like, regardless of what anyone thinks about it. Salman Khan says he does not like to be put on spot as he enjoys singing at his own pace and time. Apart from his various talents, Salman khan is also famous for his tongue in cheek humour. Media reporters have boycotted him and he is still mocking the whole incident on twitter saying that hope they keep their promise of boycotting him. He is unaffected by being banned by a few reporters, he just sings to his own tunes. Kick will kick into theatres with his new avatar, role, and playback singing. He does not fear experimenting. This is apparent from the series of roles he has been doing, almost since three decades.

When he entered Bollywood in a side role in the movie, Biwi Ho Toh Aisi, nobody ever thought he has potential to become a superstar. Since Maine Pyar Kiya, Salman Khan’s career has only been on an upward swing. However, Salman Khan’s love life has been quite upside down, and in the news, but Salman Khan has never spoken openly about his love life. One of the most ridiculous claims he has made on the Karan Johar’s Coffee with Karan is that, he is still a 47-year-old virgin. Salman khan’s personality is apparent through the choice of his movies.

Why Salman Khan said “NO” to Bigg Boss


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Salman Khan can turn his smallest moves into big news. The mega star is capable of making headlines everyday as the tabloids keep track of every word he utters; they even manage to interpret his thoughts that are sometimes blown out of proportion. The latest scoop on the talented Salman is that he has refused to host the coming season of the popular television series Bigg Boss. It was also reported that Shahrukh Khan was about to replace Salman for hosting Bigg Boss season 8.

Big Boss Season 8

Salman Khan who has been a dynamic host for Bigg Boss is well known for his antics as the host of the show. He let out his personality while interacting with the inmates. While a few like this quality and liked the fact that he’s being an active part in the happenings of the show, the others took offence to it. The people who were offended by this behaviour thought that the actor should’ve not interfered with the inmates and that whatever they did was a personal choice and added to the entertainment factor of the show. The producers of this show including a few channel persons requested Salman to tone this behaviour down and stick to plainly hosting the show without actually interfering with any of the happenings of the show. This apparently ticked off the actor and he no longer wishes to continue hosting the show.

Recently Salman Khan was present at a promotional event for the launch of a special song ‘Devil’ from his upcoming movie ‘Kick’. At this event he was asked whether he would be hosting the next season of Bigg Boss. To this he replied saying, “There is a possibility (that I may host the upcoming season of Bigg Boss) and there is no possibility also”. He further added that Shahrukh Khan would make a good host on the show if the situation arises. The two Bollywood stars that were not in very good terms with each other seem to have mended their differences and now appreciate each other on a professional level. He said, “If not me, then I think Shah Rukh Khan will be a great host for this season of Bigg Boss,”.

Kick Movie Poster

At the same event Salman got into a controversy because of the press photographers present at the event. Here, the talented actor was asked to pose at a particular spot and he refused to do so. This agitated the photographers and caused a tiff between Sallu’s bouncers and them. Untill now, Salman has stayed calm about this whole situation. He even expressed his thoughts on twitter saying that they photographers can take a stand with their decision if they please. The photographers on the other hand have taken a stern decision to boycott Salman from being photographed anywhere before until the release of ‘Kick’. The actor who has been heavily promoting this upcoming Eid release refused to be bothered by this as he feels it is not his fault. It will be interesting to watch how this battle between angry photogs and the super star ends, and whether he will finally walk out of the Bigg Boss series.

Third Song of Kick titled “Tu Hi Tu” is released


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The upcoming movie ‘Kick’ has been making frequent rounds in the Bollywood news circle. Salman Khna’s presence in this film has been a major factor making news revolving this upcoming flick. Recently, the third track of this film ‘Tu Hi Tu’ was released. The previous two tracks included ‘Jumme Ki Raat’ and ‘Hangover’. The interesting fact about this is that Salman himself has sung ‘Hangover’ and the latest release ‘Tu Hi Tu’.

Salman’s fans were in for a surprise when they got to know that the actor turned into a singer for both these songs. As you may imagine it, Sallu’s fans are thrilled about this new interest that Salman is showing for singing. Both the previously released songs were very well received by the audience. The third song ‘Tu Hi Tu’ is expected to get the same response. Although the previously released songs had a dance beat to it, this new release is more melodious and has a gentle tune to it.

Kick Song Tu hi Tu

Having said that Salman khan is exploring his talent for singing with Kick Movie , he is not the only actor who is doing so. Recently Shraddha Kapoor sang a song titled ‘Galliyan’ for the film ‘Ek Villain’ which became very popular with the audience. Critics appreciated it as well. We also saw Shraddha’s competitor Alia Bhatt sing for her film ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’ which was recently released in theatres. The song titled ‘Samjhawan’ seems to be liked by all Bollywood fans. And now we also have Priyanka Chopra joins this bandwagon of filmstars turned singers as reports suggest that she will be singing a song for her upcoming movie ‘Mary Kom’. The actress who already has international hits will debut with music in Bollywood through this project.

In this movie Salman will be seen playing a character with negative shades. He plays a character that is bad by deed but is good by heart. The director reveals that Salman has never played this kind of a role in his career before this. It will be interesting to watch Salman in this new avatar. He even spors a salt and pepper beard in this film.

The actor was also in the news because of rumours linking him to the leading lady of this film, Jaqueline Fernandez. The duo have been seen together over several occasions and so the speculations. However these reports have been rubbished as they are just co-stars that get along well. Salman even went on to praise the Srilnakan beauty at a promotional event as he compared her to acclaimed actress Zeenat Aman. The actress was left flattered by his comments as he acknowledged her beauty and talent. He even mentioned that the actress was extremely professional to work with and didn’t throw any tantrums on the sets. The fans seem to love all the sound tracks that have been released and eagerly await this film to hit the theatres. The trailers seem promising enough to entertain Sallu’s fans.

Reasons: why ‘Kick’ is so special


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Salman Khan Movie, whether hit or flops, are always somehow in the news. This may be just because of the mere presence of the vivacious actor in the film. With his vibrant personality the actors manages to make headlines, his upcoming movies just seem like excuses to talk about him. His upcoming release ‘Kick’ has become the new talking point for this talented actor. This film is remake of a Telegu action comedy movie with the same name.

Salman khan Kick Movie on Set

Salman plays a character that is referred to as the ‘Devil’ in Kick Movie of Salman Khan. According to the director, Salman will be seen in a never seen before avatar in this fill as his character has a lot of grey shades. This will be exciting to watch for Sallu’s dedicated fans. His character is one that does illegal activities to get a kick out of it. Though his deeds seem wrong, his heart is good. This makes a very interesting character for Salman Khan.

In this film we also see Srilankan beauty Jaqueline Fernandez who plays the lead role alongside Salman Khan. She plays his love interest in the film and her look is stunning, from what we see in the trailer. There was a lot of controversy revolving the two actors as they were seen together at a lot of promotional activities. They were also seen together at a success party hosted by Sidharth Malhotra after the release of his film ‘Ek Villain’. However, these speculations of a relationship between them seem false as the two just happen to be co-stars of a film that simply enjoy each other’s company. The actor also showered Jaqueline with praises as he compared her to veteran actress Zeenat Aman. The actress was flattered by his comments. He even praised her for her nature as a person in general and said that she was a very humble being and good to work with on the sets. He admired her for not throwing any tantrums on the sets.

Another very interesting thing about this film that makes it special is that Salman actually sang a song for this. The song titled ‘Hangover’ has already been released and is receiving quite a good response from the critics and his fans. This song is supposed to be a romantic song and has an upbeat tune. The lyrics of this song are catchy. Joining Salman in this new trend of actors that sing for films, are Alia Bhatt and Shraddha Kapoor. Shraddha Kapoor recently sang a song titled ‘Galliyan’ for her recent release ‘Ek Villain’, while Alia Bhatt sang a song titled ‘Samjhanwan’. Both these songs were received well by the audience. It will be interesting to watch which actor will join this band wagon next.

As for ‘Kick’, this movie will be an interesting watch for Salman Khan fans. With a little bit of action, a dash of comedy and loads of drama coming from the khan that every Bollywood fans love, this movie seems like a soon-to- be hit.