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Salman Khan can turn his smallest moves into big news. The mega star is capable of making headlines everyday as the tabloids keep track of every word he utters; they even manage to interpret his thoughts that are sometimes blown out of proportion. The latest scoop on the talented Salman is that he has refused to host the coming season of the popular television series Bigg Boss. It was also reported that Shahrukh Khan was about to replace Salman for hosting Bigg Boss season 8.

Big Boss Season 8

Salman Khan who has been a dynamic host for Bigg Boss is well known for his antics as the host of the show. He let out his personality while interacting with the inmates. While a few like this quality and liked the fact that he’s being an active part in the happenings of the show, the others took offence to it. The people who were offended by this behaviour thought that the actor should’ve not interfered with the inmates and that whatever they did was a personal choice and added to the entertainment factor of the show. The producers of this show including a few channel persons requested Salman to tone this behaviour down and stick to plainly hosting the show without actually interfering with any of the happenings of the show. This apparently ticked off the actor and he no longer wishes to continue hosting the show.

Recently Salman Khan was present at a promotional event for the launch of a special song ‘Devil’ from his upcoming movie ‘Kick’. At this event he was asked whether he would be hosting the next season of Bigg Boss. To this he replied saying, “There is a possibility (that I may host the upcoming season of Bigg Boss) and there is no possibility also”. He further added that Shahrukh Khan would make a good host on the show if the situation arises. The two Bollywood stars that were not in very good terms with each other seem to have mended their differences and now appreciate each other on a professional level. He said, “If not me, then I think Shah Rukh Khan will be a great host for this season of Bigg Boss,”.

Kick Movie Poster

At the same event Salman got into a controversy because of the press photographers present at the event. Here, the talented actor was asked to pose at a particular spot and he refused to do so. This agitated the photographers and caused a tiff between Sallu’s bouncers and them. Untill now, Salman has stayed calm about this whole situation. He even expressed his thoughts on twitter saying that they photographers can take a stand with their decision if they please. The photographers on the other hand have taken a stern decision to boycott Salman from being photographed anywhere before until the release of ‘Kick’. The actor who has been heavily promoting this upcoming Eid release refused to be bothered by this as he feels it is not his fault. It will be interesting to watch how this battle between angry photogs and the super star ends, and whether he will finally walk out of the Bigg Boss series.