Thailava! If Rajinikanth’s reference in the song lungi dance was not enough, Salman Khan has earned the name of Bollywood’s Rajinikanth. Rajinikant’s fan following is so massive, people down south literally worship him. There are also many temples dedicated to this superstar of South. Salman Khan once said that it would be privilege to have that kind of fan following. One of the South Indian comedian, once said that Salman Khan is Bollywood’s Rajinikanth.

Salman Khan and Rajinikanth

Given the massive fan, following Salman Khan has and the hoopla he generates among the masses, his popularity is equivalent to the Southern super stars popularity. Most of the recent Salman Khan movies like Dabaang and its sequel, Jai Ho, and upcoming Salman Khan Movie Kick. Salman Khan’s deep affinity with South Indian films, and making remakes of south Indian blockbusters has probably earned him this name.

Most of the Salman Khan movies have crossed 100 crores of collection. His movies have a mass appeal, and he has been giving the biggest hits every year. Every movie be it Bodyguard, every movie of Salman Khan is incomplete without his stunts. He is a action hero just like Rajinikanth. Though Rajinikant has made his mark in the 80’s in Bollywood, his success has reached its peak only down south. As a person, both, Salman Khan and Rajinikanth are simple human beings. They both relate to all lives of a common person and share their thoughts on the same.

Though there are many jokes on this superstar, looks like no one like to fool around the hot headed, Salman Khan who is always ready with a counter reply. Though there are many parallels drawn between the two superstars, Salman Khan has a very different strategy and approach towards his work and life. None of his works need introduction. He is a genre in himself just like Rajinikanth.

Like Rajinikanth, Salman Khan is known to be a mentor and give a helping hand to many struggling actors and newcomers. Be it designers like Vikram Phadnis, or star kids like Sonakshi Sinha, Salman Khan is the real Bhai of Bollywood. A man with a golden heart and a mind of his own, uninfluenced by anything at all.

Rajinikanth and Salman Khan are an epitome of generosity, this is something everyone already knows and most of them, those lucky ones, have experienced his generosity. Rajinikanth and Salman Khan have created their own unique style of acting and public persona. Both the actors have deep humanitarian instincts. Charity is their number one attribute that has come a long way. The fans love them both as they connect well with the masses and generate mirth. Their entertaining ability is untouched. Though Bollywood has many clans who have their own empire, Salman Khan still stands out as the fearless, outspoken actor, whose straightforward approach is adored by many.

Being Human is one of his well-known charitable organisations that help the underprivileged. Rajnikanth also participates and gets involved in many charitable events that are working towards the problems of a common man.