Salman Khan In Big Boss 8

Reality shows on television are not far away from Bollywood as they have B-Town super stars connected to it. The reality show Bigg Boss is coming up with its next season soon. There has been a lot of speculation revolving this and controversies were spun even before the show could begin. Many fans of this show and the tabloids were highly speculating Salman’s exit from this show as a host. We have seen Salman Khan host a couple of seasons of this show and we know for a fact that he has been the most vivacious host on the Indian version of this reality series so far.

Salman was known for his own unique style of interacting with the house mates and engaging the audience like no other host could. With confidence, he carried the show forward week after week. The previous season of this show saw Sallu get into a tiff with the producers of the show and the channel. This gave rise to rumours that Sallu would no more be a part of Bigg Boss Season 8. Reports reveal that Salman has finally agreed to host the next season of the show that is scheduled to hit television screens in August.

Confirming these reports a trusted source reveals that, “Despite his busy schedule, Salman has agreed to return as the host of Bigg Boss and has signed on the dotted line recently. He has adjusted his dates and it won’t be a problem. His fans wanted him to return to the show and therefore, he decided to take it up because he has never disappointed his legion of fans, nor will he in the future.” We must say Salman has his way of charming his fans will never fail to do so. This talented actor has the charisma and personality to take up any challenge he may have to face.

Earlier there were speculations that Shahrukh Khan would be roped in to host the show. These speculations were arisen on account of his presence at one of the colors channel functions. Salman seemed to be missing at this occasion and this got the tabloids guessing and assuming. In an interview Salman also commented saying that if he were to exit the show, Shahrukh Khan would be the next best choice for hosting the show. This gave fuel to speculations and had many believing Salman’s final exit. However, now that the news is confirmed that Salman will very much be a part of the next season, we can’t wait for it to begin and see which faces will be a part of this show that has many hooked on to it. A show so entertaining, it has people entertained even before it can begin. Though the theme and concept for the next season is unknown, we’re sure that the television audiences will be in for a surprise. We are yet to see whether Salman still has the same chemistry he had with the contestants from last season or if he chooses to tone it down.